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I’ve been meaning to share these pictures with you guys for quite some time now. I know how much you all adore gratuitous Ozzy pictures. 🙂

While Kari and Noah were here it was discovered that Mr. Ozzy is quite the fan of popcorn. Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise since he’s a fan of pretty much all human food. 🙂

Stale Cheeze-Its are still his favorite though. 🙂


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Funk Be Gone!

I’ve decided that I’m absolutely sick and tired of being in a funk. So beginning today, no more funk!

I made sure to wake up early and exercise to really start the day of correctly. I think that’s my main problem. Lately my eyes have been drooping and my body has been crazy exhausted and there’s no reason for it. We’re talking, I’d get out of bed and feel as if I’d not even gone to sleep. Bah! I hate that feeling, so it is no more.

And that’s that. 🙂

Ozzy’s appointment went well…for him. He was such a trooper. He got no less than 6 shots and he didn’t even flinch!

I, on the other hand, had the pleasure of forking over $160. Though it would have only been $120 had they not shoved the HeartWorm pamphlet in my face. Man, that HeartWorm is a scary beast, yeah? 🙂 Did you know that it’s contracted through mosquitoes? Seriously, is there really even a need for mosquitoes? I really can’t figure out what their purpose is, can anyone explain that to me?

The rest of the weekend remained low key. Perhaps that is why I’m so eager to get rid of this stupid funk. Since I had quite the relaxing weekend, a weekend where I basically did absolutely nothing, I have no right to start this week off in a funk!

Now if only I can make this new found euphoria last all day week!


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I am now the proud owner of a car I’ve been driving for the past 4 years. Go me!

The husband and I met my dad at the bank to get the title transfer notarized and then the husband and I went to the DMV to physically switch the title.

I don’t know if any of you have ever switched the title of a car before but I certainly hadn’t and I had no idea what to expect outside of a long wait in an endless line.

Turns out my wait was only about 3 minutes. She switched my title, took $125 from me and handed me a brand new license plate. Which is kind of sad and definitely unexpected…oh well, I guess it’s just another thing I’ll need to memorize…that is if my brain allows any more information in! 🙂

So all in all it took about an hour to get everything handled. And as my husband was happy to discover we could still swing by Mickey D’s for some much needed breakfast! 🙂

The next step on the journey of spending the economic stimulus check on adult things? Ozzy’s vet appointment at 2:30. Hopefully everything will check out and I’ll get out of there with a relatively small bill! Wish me luck! 🙂


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Time Flies…

…even when you’re not having fun.

This day a year ago was the hardest day I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I somehow managed to pull myself out of my bed at my parent’s house after not sleeping a bit the night before, and making my way into work. My eyes were bloodshot and my body numb.

I had lost my first, four legged, (wo)man’s best friend of my adulthood the night before. My Angus, my Gus-Gus.

There are still times when I replay that night over and over again in my head. What was so different about that night? Was it really meant to happen or could I have done something to stop it?

Angus had always been a free spirit. Breaking away from me to run around in circles was his favorite past time. But that night, his run was a little faster, his circle a little wider. As if he knew what was about happen and he was trying to enjoy his last moments.

Knowing he would always come back to me I had given up trying to call his name to get him to put on those puppy brakes and throw it in reverse. I wish I had known that my Gus-Gus wasn’t coming back to me that night, I would have shouted myself hoarse to try and get his attention if it meant I could spend a couple of more minutes appreciating his spastic energy.

But it wasn’t meant to be. And I know that no matter how hard I wish, I can’t change what happened. I can’t scream myself hoarse or run like lightening to try and make out the license plate on the car that hit him and didn’t even slow down.

I can’t even wish to forget the immediate sense of loss and sorrow I felt as I made my way across the lawn to where he lay. I can’t forget how fortunate I felt when I saw that he was at peace with his tongue hanging out of mouth, just like it did when he would sleep.

I can’t forget the sense of love I felt as my family rallied around me. My dad and future husband immediately beginning to dig his grave so he could be laid to rest. My mom’s arms as she held me while I wept. Me running upstairs to my room to find a toy to bury with him and seeing that my mom had already removed his kennel and vacuumed away the lines it had made in the carpet.

I can’t forget bursting into tears throughout the night and into the next morning. I can’t forget going to work and trying to pass my bloodshot eyes off as allergies. I can’t forget that feeling of emptiness that followed me for the next few months.

I can’t forget b/c I don’t want to. I don’t want to forget b/c it’s part of what’s made me who I am today. I don’t want to forget b/c if I still had Angus today, I wouldn’t have Ozzy. And Ozzy needed me, just like I needed him.

So while I’ll never be thankful that I lost my puppy too soon, I am quite thankful for what I’ve been given in this past year b/c of his absence. 🙂

RIP Angus
February 2, 2006 – April 30, 2007


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  • Sometimes I wonder if my cats were born as the wrong species. It occurred to me this morning as they were performing their daily ritual of clawing the carpet and door to our bedroom that what they are doing resembles a dog trying to dig their way under a fence. Unfortunately for my cats they only have so far down that they can dig.
  • Fortunately for me, NC has a law that apartment complexes must replace the carpet for each new tenant regardless of the previous tenant’s length of occupancy 🙂
  • Also fortunately for me? A little thing called a pet deposit fee. 🙂
  • Ozzy decided he wanted some gourmet cat treats last night. Why do dogs do this? Are they missing that mechanism in their brain that alerts them to the nastiness of eating cat shit? I mean, why will they eat cat shit but not vegetables? That doesn’t make sense.
  • I know that many of you want some MIL stories from this past weekend. I don’t blame you. So here you go…

Sunday my husband and I wake up to find his grandmother’s house empty. We shrug it off and welcome the quiet. After I shower and get dressed and do my makeup I figure that this is the best time to pack up our stuff. So I dump out our suitcase and begin to refold the clean clothes and stuff the dirty clothes into a garbage bag. Not 30 seconds into this process the phone rings. We’re told by my husband’s aunt that we’re being picked up in 3 minutes by my husband’s uncle. I finish folding whatever was in my hands and start gathering up my purse and coat. The phone then rings again, it’s my MIL who tells us that my husband’s uncle is coming to pick us up. Um…ok, thanks. Then the phone rings again. At this point I’m more than a little annoyed but I get over it b/c it’s my husband’s grandmother and it’s at this point that I realize we don’t have a way to lock her door once we leave. We’re told to not worry about it. Fine. So after 3 minutes (exactly, I kid you not) we’re picked up by my husband’s uncle and we’re on our way. Once we get to my husband’s aunt’s house we realize that his grandmother and mother aren’t there. When we question this, we’re told that they’ve gone back to the house to lock up. So why didn’t they leave my poor uncle alone and just pick us up instead? Weird. All of a sudden my SIL’s cell rings. Guess who it is? Yes, the MIL. She’s called to yell at my SIL that my husband’s and my room is a mess with all of our stuff strewn about…yeah…ok. We shrug it off and continue visiting with the husband’s family. Once we’ve all gathered in one place (!) we decide it’s time for lunch. Originally we were supposed to go out to eat but apparently that would be too much of a hassle so instead my MIL tells her mother to go back to her house to pick up the fried chicken from her refrigerator. (The gas this family wastes is astounding.) My husband and I figure that we might as well join her a) for company and b) so we can pack up the rest of our stuff since it has so obviously irritated my MIL. My SIL thinks this is a great idea and joins us. We haven’t been gone for 2 minutes when my SIL’s cell rings. Yes, it’s the MIL…she’s called yelling trying to figure out where we are…my SIL tells her that since she got so hysterical before about all of our stuff strewn about we decided we should pack it all up…well the MIL? Doesn’t like this answer. She hangs up on the SIL only to call back 2 more times to yell. All of this happens about 2 hours before we have to get in the car and drive home. And all of this also happens about 2.5 hours before the MIL stops speaking to both me and my husband all together. Maturity…the MIL has it 🙂


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I had just finished saying to my husband that I had taken up exactly “one half” of the suitcase when Harley decided that she was coming with us to Louisiana and jumped into the suitcase. The husband’s retort?  “Aaaand now the other half is packed!” 🙂 (I love how Joker is just looking at her like ‘yeah right, dream on’.)

It’s so weird how animals are able to sense these things! Just so you know, our neighbors will be checking in on the cats since they’re fat asses and normally for a four day trip you could just leave huge bowls of food around the house and the cats would be fine, but I’m afraid my cats would devour it all within the first 30 minutes, hence the neighbors. Ozzy, on the other hand, is headed over to Auntie Kim and Tara’s, where he is sure to have a wonderful time…and possibly a bath? 🙂

We’re all packed up and now all we have to do is get through the workday. I am luckily working from home, but the husband is unluckily, currently working his 10th straight day. I hate it when this happens. He works five days a week and gets 2 days off. Normal enough, right? But when we do these long weekend trips he ends up having to take Friday and Saturday off from one week and Sunday and Monday off from the next. Hence, why he’s working his 10th straight day. It blows, but at least now he’s only 10 minutes away instead of the 45 minutes like before.

So we begin our journey to the land of drive-thru daiquiri shops at 6pm. Wish us luck. But especially wish us the luck that I will be able to finish my afghan in time for the reception.  🙂 

I have somehow convinced Margarita to guest post for me on Friday, even though she will be going on a trip herself. To Dubai…which last time I checked is way farther than Louisiana. She’s a trooper 🙂 I have also conned Each into guest posting for me on Monday. I know that these wonderful, beautiful, and talented women will deliver wonderful posts. And as such you all need to leave them some wonderful and beautiful love. 🙂

So, now I am off to finish my workday and then leave for warmer climates. I hope you all have wonderful weekends. 🙂


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And the April Header is up! And it only took 8 days! I blame my tardiness on the need for two headers in March due to Easter. I think this might be the cutest header to date. Thanks mainly in part to Each, but also to Ozzy for being a good sport. It really helps to have the cutest dog in the world. 🙂

Last night I was cleaning up the apartment trying to get ready for the trip later this week. Ozzy helped me clean up by dragging all of his toys underneath the bed. Little does he know that Mommy cleans up after he goes to bed. Having a dog is such a great way to start prepping for children. You take care of them in all the same ways, except of course the whole leash thing… 🙂

Ozzy was way too cute running back and forth from room to room, following me as I cleaned. At one point I didn’t hear him follow me and when I went to check on him he was at the window in the bedroom checking out what was going on outside in the world beyond. I wish the batteries hadn’t been dead in my camera b/c the sight of an Ozzy butt coupled with the two cats who were in the window, definitely symbolized the fact that I do not need any more animals as I already have a menagerie. Or in this case a ménage à trois. 🙂

Also–it was adorable. 🙂


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