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  • I look forward to flossing my teeth each night before bed. I got new dental floss yesterday and I was giddy about using it. I couldn’t wait! 🙂
  • Don’t ask me why but my husband and I have already discussed funeral arrangements. I’m going to blame it on our current NetFlix queue of the entire series of Six Feet Under. Anywho, I have known for a while now that I want to be cremated and this bothers my husband (who apparently prefers to rot away in the ground and be eaten by worms) to no end. When I asked him why it bothered him so much this was his response: “But baby, if you’re cremated, then we can’t come back as zombies together.” 🙂
  • Today is double Coke Reward day at mycokerewards.com. It’s only double points on codes from 12 packs. Lucky for me I just did a huge order of soda for my program, so I had a lot of codes from 12 packs. 🙂
  • With my double points from My Coke Rewards, I finally was able to secure a subscription to Cosmopolitan. They bumped up the points from 180 to 252, hopefully to discourage so many people from choosing that reward and therefore having it sell out before yours truly was able to secure one. But this time with the help of double points, I was able to snag one! Now in 4-6 weeks I will finally have a free subscription to one of the best magazines on the planet. Yay! 🙂
  • I’m the queen of free. My aunt taught me at a very young age that “free is good, I like free” and I haven’t looked back since. This Cosmo subscription will be the third free magazine subscription I’ve gotten this year!
  • While pulling off the codes from 12 packs this morning I felt a stray hair on my shoulder so I reached up to grab it away (I hate stray hairs!) except it definitely wasn’t a hair…oh no…it was one of these:
  • That certainly started my day off one the right foot! 🙂 I wonder how many of you just screamed…be honest!


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I am now the proud owner of a car I’ve been driving for the past 4 years. Go me!

The husband and I met my dad at the bank to get the title transfer notarized and then the husband and I went to the DMV to physically switch the title.

I don’t know if any of you have ever switched the title of a car before but I certainly hadn’t and I had no idea what to expect outside of a long wait in an endless line.

Turns out my wait was only about 3 minutes. She switched my title, took $125 from me and handed me a brand new license plate. Which is kind of sad and definitely unexpected…oh well, I guess it’s just another thing I’ll need to memorize…that is if my brain allows any more information in! 🙂

So all in all it took about an hour to get everything handled. And as my husband was happy to discover we could still swing by Mickey D’s for some much needed breakfast! 🙂

The next step on the journey of spending the economic stimulus check on adult things? Ozzy’s vet appointment at 2:30. Hopefully everything will check out and I’ll get out of there with a relatively small bill! Wish me luck! 🙂


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It should be no secret that I love holidays like Halloween and Friday the 13th. You shouldn’t be shocked to walk over to my DVD tower to find all four Saw movies, the entire collection of Nightmare on Elm Street (complete with Freddy in 3D, oh yeah) and countless other “campy” horror/slasher movies. It also shouldn’t surprise you that when I found episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark on YouTube a couple of years ago, I actually sat down and watched all of them with a big cheesy grin on my face.

So I guess it’s not shocking to reveal my love for the new show on NBC Fear Itself. Seriously, it’s campy, not scary, and full of bad plot lines. It’s perfect. It’s like Are You Afraid of the Dark for grown ups. Seriously, even their opening credits are similar:

Are You Afraid of the Dark:

Fear Itself:

Creepy Images? Check.

Eerie Music? Check.

The only difference I can see is that Fear Itself decided to forgo a shot of a creepy clown. Wise choice. 🙂

But I guess the reason that I love these holidays so much is that I enjoy being frightened…to an extent.

For example:

When I was 13 my sister and a group of our friends decided to go to Jaycee’s Haunted House. We all paid our $5 and waited in that ridiculously long line for what seemed like days before they led our group into a tiny room to lay down “The Rules”. I wasn’t exactly focused on the rules so much as something in the corner of the room. They had set up a faux wall (maybe it was supposed to be a well?) in the corner. They had put up this wall/well in such a way that there was now a gap between the faux wall/well and the real wall itself. This freaked me out, completely. I was convinced that someone was going to pop out of that wall/well and grab me. (Though if I had been paying attention to the rules I would have learned that the actors are not supposed to touch you and vice versa.) I immediately start freaking out. Tears streaming down my face I alert someone to the fact that I need to get out of there. I must get out of there, lest I die. So they bring in another team member to lead me out but they don’t actually come for me. No, they immediately supposed that the hysterical child who needed to be led out of the haunted house was the 7 year old sister of my then best friend. So lesson learned: Don’t pay $5 for something only to be so frightened in the rule room you have to leave, but only after being thoroughly embarrassed that a 7 year old has more courage than you do. 🙂

Then of course there’s this story.

And don’t even get me started on The Haunted Mansion at Disney World. Which was my favorite ride until some jerk who worked there decided to pop out and scare me. Not cool dude, not cool.

And this really awesome place is about 10 minutes away from my home, but I could never actually go there b/c I would literally pee my pants out of fright.

So when I say I like to be frightened to an extent I guess I mean, I like to be frightened in my own home, curled up on my couch, imbibing and watching campy horror movies, surrounded by my animals and loving husband, where no one will jump out at me. 🙂

Which is exactly where I’ll be tonight. 🙂


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Lately I’ve been exhausted. We’re talking lunch naps and cat naps after work, exhausted. That’s 2 naps a day! And all of this is after I go to bed each night at 10. I have no idea why I’m this tired and if one more person in my daily life insinuates that it’s b/c I’m “expecting” I’ll need to be locked up b/c I’ll kill someone. If I knew I was exhausted b/c I was “expecting” I wouldn’t complain about being exhausted b/c I feel like I’m going to be very superstitious about my future pregnancies and will keep all of my symptoms to myself until after the first trimester.

Wow, this is not what this post is supposed to be about at all. 🙂

Let’s try this again…

Sunday night b/c of my unexplained paranormal (that’s slightly redundant) exhaustion I went to bed around 10 and was out probably before my head hit the pillow. Around 12:30 I’m awakened by my husband who is frantically shaking me awake.

Husband: Baby, I can’t fall asleep. My eye is watering really badly and my ear hurts and my nose is all stuffed up.
Me: Well you probably shouldn’t have gone swimming with your contacts in. Did you put in your eye drops?
Husband: Yes
Me: Did you put in some Swimmer’s Ear?
Husband: Yes
Me: Blown your nose?
Husband: Yes
Me: Then what exactly do you want me to do?
Husband: FINE! Go back to sleep…grumble grumble grumble.

I, of course, cannot go back to sleep now that I’ve been woken up and am now privy to some serious grumbling. (I must interject with the fact that both my husband and I are terrible whiners and moaners when we don’t feel good.) So, I get up and get him a glass of water, a cool compress, his eye patch, (yes, he has an eye patch and no, you don’t want to know.) 4 ibuprofens, 2 sudafeds, and a box of tissues. After successfully drugging up my husband, I fall back into a dead sleep.

But then of course come morning I’m a zombie. Such is life. My husband struggles through his own day at work and then decides to switch shifts with a coworker to take Tuesday off to recover.

And boy did he recover. I came home from work last night to an immaculately clean house. My jaw hit the ground. He felt so bad for being such a pain Sunday night that he ended up:

Doing Laundry and putting it away…in it’s proper place!
Running the dishwasher, twice.
Cleaning the catbox. (!)
Taking all the trash out.

I am so glad he found all the energy to do all of that b/c I, sadly, am still a zombie. 🙂


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My parents have always been kind to pass on their gently used items to me and my husband. They recognize where we are in our lives and that we don’t have a lot of money to spend on extras outside of the basic necessities. And boy do we appreciate it! 🙂 Over the years we’ve been given:

Our Dining Room Table.
A Buffet that is currently used as an entertainment unit.
Not one, but two couches.
Two beds that have been returned since I moved into our apartment and brought all of my stuff.
Numerous cat and dog paraphernalia.
And many, many other things that my brain is forgetting. 🙂

Saturday we inherited another item that belongs in the Dog and Cat paraphernalia category. And now not only have we completely filled our two bedroom apartment, it is also quite clear when you walk into our home that we are cat people:

And our cats LOVE this new toy. They tried to act coy about it but we were able to catch them in the act of enjoying it once or twice this weekend:

Harley, sound asleep in her new cubby hole. 🙂

Joker, enjoying his new perch that is high above that crazy dog.

Harley and Joker not wanting to give up the prime spot.

Now hopefully my cats will stop bothering me so much. 🙂

A girl can dream. 🙂


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Yesterday while I was making lunches for my family o’ two I went to put the mayonnaise away in it’s special spot on the refrigerator door’s shelf. While walking across the kitchen towards the open fridge with the jar of mayo in my hand I noticed that the pesky ketchup bottle had skootched over just enough to make it impossible for me to comfortably place the mayo jar in it’s rightful place. As I went to nudge the ketchup bottle ever so slightly the mayo jar slipped out of my hands and before I could react in a positive manner (ie, catching the mayo jar) I found myself and the floor covered in mayo.

I couldn’t help it. I burst into tears. It’s 6:45am, I’m fully dressed for work, I’m already in a bad mood b/c my Wednesday wasn’t stellar (I blame it on not sunning myself by the pool on Tuesday) and it seemed to be leaking into my Thursday as well and then I’m covered in mayo. This mayo was the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back.

But once I stopped crying I did what any normal person would do…

I took pictures. 🙂

The best part? The mayo jar actually landed like that! 🙂
Also, do you see what a bitch the ketchup was being?


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No not that kind of break…are you kidding? I’d perish. 🙂

No, a break from recapping my NYC trip. I’m doing a half day of work from home today and all of my NYC pictures are on my work computer. Whoops. 🙂

Why am I working from home you ask? Well the in-laws are coming for a visit and my house is a mess. So instead of spending an hour and two gallons of gas I decided to just stay here and do some stuff while doing laundry. Hopefully if I get everything done by a decent time I can go spend a couple of hours by the pool. 🙂

So as a late birthday present my husband got me Wii Fit. We had left our Wii over at Kim and Tara’s so they could enjoy some Mario Kart action while we were in NYC so when we went to pick Ozzy up we also picked up the Wii and that night I set up Wii Fit.

You guys, it’s amazing! Yoga, strength training, games, etc. I’ve been playing it for the past 2 days and I’m really starting to feel it in my thighs. Plus it weighs me every time I use it and I’ve already lost 2 pounds! Which I’m sure was just the difference of not eating dinner yet, but still 2 pounds in 24 hours! That’s amazing! 🙂

Go out and get it if you have a Wii…it could be our new fad diet!


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